Babylon 5 Sketches

Some more doodles.  I just watched all of Babylon 5.  It’s great.

Delenn and Lennier.

Sad G’Kar.  I tried to draw sad Marcus, too, but I kept getting Frank Zappa.

I don’t care what the script says, the Centauri are vampires.

Byron is also a vampire.  And he totally runs a goth club.

I am certain Talia has one of these.

Legend of Dungeon doodles

I spent a whole lot of time playing Legend of Dungeon recently, which led to these.

I Drew Some Game of Thrones Characters

When I drew these, I hadn’t seen any of the show yet, so they’re based on how I pictured everybody from the books.  I don’t think there are any explicit spoilers, but there are hints at things that haven’t happened yet in the show.


Arya, catching cats.


Sam & Gilly


Brienne & Jaime


Bran, Hodor, Meera, & Jojen




Tyrion & Sansa


Daenerys in Meereen

Fabulaurous Rex

Fabulaurous Rex

Happy garlic!

Happy garlic!

Epic Umi

Inspired by a morning of looking at Team Umizoomi fan art.  Does that make it… fan art fan art?


My super-villain alter-ego, The Queen Bee!

Chris can be my lovable sidekick, Bumble.

Flying Things

Harry Potter Valentines!

To get into the spirit of the holiday, and inspired in part by this, I drew some Harry Potter-themed Valentines.  Maybe by this time next year I’ll have them cleaned up and colored.  (Spoiler warning if you haven’t finished the series.)


( If you can’t read the caption : When we’re together, Valentine, I feel like we could conquer the world!)

What are your thoughts?

(If you can’t read the caption: I’ll never give up on you, Valentine - no matter how married or dead you get.)

tumblrbot said: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?

Both!  And wizards!